Processing: Pre-rigor products​ ​

At MOWI, we respect the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare, therefore we harvest our salmon in the most gentle way possible with minimum stress to the salmon.​

In fact, we use a method similar to the Ikejime method developed in ancient Japan.​

Every salmon goes through a phase of rigor after the harvest. This varies between 2 hours to more than a day after the harvest. Therefore, filleting the fish immediately is crucial.​

With our MOWI Supreme, they are filleted within 1,5 hours after the harvest. Thus, pre-rigor.​

This gives you a MOWI Supreme salmon with less gaping, ultra-fresh and of the high quality we pride ourselves on delivering to you.​

Delivery: Delivered fresh​ ​

Our MOWI Supreme salmon is available all year round.​

​Our pin bone-in fillets are delivered directly from our processing centers in Norway to your kitchen.​

​You can be reassured that the fish we deliver to you is always fresh.​

Traceable from egg to plate​

Our MOWI Supreme salmon is traceable from egg to plate, giving you unique insight into the life of our salmon. ​