Good for your guests​...

We know that cooking is not only about recipes and ingredients, it’s also about the experience and convenience of the process. ​

That’s why MOWI Supreme salmon comes in many convenient cuts, which can help you cook faster, better and focus on the most important things in your kitchen.​

Choose from our:​

  • Fillets​
  • Kubes​
  • Magnums​
  • Long smoked slices​

Good for the body…​

  • Rich in omega 3​
  • Rich in minerals and vitamins​
  • Helps to improve brain brain function, cognition, and neurological health​
  • Good for your heart health​

…and good for the senses​

  • Appealing color​
  • Exquisite and delicate taste​
  • Fine marbling ​
  • Prepared to perfection​

Packing some goodness

Our ecological packaging was designed and chosen because we care about the environment.​

The eco box is used for our fresh products: MOWI Supreme Magnum and MOWI Supreme Kubes.​

The eco box is a packaging in ecological carton, no plastic or polystyrene. ​

It is waterproof, robust and light at the same time. Perfectly suited for the needs of food professionals. ​

And of course, our cooler pads are reusable.​

We care about you ​ and your restaurant​

We invite your chefs to our workshops, venues and fairs.​

Together we look for new techniques for preparing a perfect meal.​

We will support you with materials that help tell the​ MOWI story.​

We will communicate with the end consumer in digital channels and engage them on social media.​

We want to build a partnership which benefits both.​