Feed & breed

Nurtured since 1964.

We have spent decades in perfecting our craftsmanship, developing our expertise and know-how in order to bring you the unique MOWI Supreme salmon.

In 1964 we collected the first wild broodstocks from the Vosso and the Årøy rivers of Western Norway. Both are known for their strength and robustness.

That was the beginning of the MOWI lineage.

Fed with care​

MOWI Supreme is fed with the best possible nutrition.​

The MOWI feed is produced by our own feed mills.​

The feed has been developed by our own feed specialists to perfectly suit the MOWI salmon. It’s rich in marine ingredients and designed with respect for the natural cycle of salmon.​

Unlike our competitors’ feed, our MOWI feed has been cleaned and purified to remove 90% of traces of human pollution, leaving a high quality and clean feed to our MOWI salmon.​

Fed with care​

​Our feed raw materials are only from sustainable sources and adhere to strict certifications, such as Proterra and IFFO.​

That’s why our salmon gets such a wonderful marbled structure, intense color and exceptionally great taste.​

All of this is because we want you to be able to put some goodness on the plates of your guests.​

The unique MOWI breed

Our MOWI Supreme is a salmon with a unique DNA.

It comes from the strong and robust strain of the Vosso and Årøy rivers in Western Norway. This is one of the strongest and most resilient of bloodlines, which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Our special MOWI breed gives your meals uniqueness and a piece of the MOWI heritage.

Freshwater: ​Fostered like they should be

In the beginning of their lives, our MOWI salmon live in freshwater. Our special hatcheries and large basins makes the baby salmon feel right at home.​

In this phase, we also have Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) which help us use freshwater efficiently.​

They are monitored for their well-being and we give them the perfect conditions and right feed to help them grow. That way they become the perfect MOWI Supreme salmon your guests will love so much.​

Protected from stress

Salmon comes first at MOWI.

We give them lots of space for swimming and moving around – our pens contain only 3 % salmon and 97 % sea water.​

This gives salmon enough space to swim and move at their own pace. Although, they will often school together as they also do in the wild.​

You can rest assured that the MOWI salmon happily enjoyed the cold waters and large open spaces in our pens in Norway.​

At sea: Carefully selected farms​

We carefully select the MOWI farms which farm our MOWI salmon. These farms are selected based on their location, salmon farming conditions and expertise of the people who work there. That way we know these are great locations to farm MOWI Supreme.​

All of this to ensure the highest MOWI Supreme quality of our product.​

At sea: 12 months of sea water bliss​ ​

Our MOWI salmon spend at least 12 months at sea. Enjoying the cold waters, strong currents and large space.​

They are continuously monitored to make sure they are healthy and thriving in this wild environment. We keep them well nourished and safe, with our trained people always keeping an eye on them.​

Responsibly produced​ ​

Our fresh MOWI Supreme salmon farms are ASC certified. ​

The ASC standard is the strictest standard for responsible aquaculture, supported by the WWF. ​

We meet over 150 criteria of sustainability, social and animal welfare.​

The MOWI Supreme salmon has a minimal impact on the environment it is raised in. It is in our interest to preserve the nature we operate in so that we can deliver this fantastic product long into the future.​